10 Most Common Resume Mistakes 2016

Getting rid of common resume mistakes will help improve your resume and increase your chances for an interview invitation. Check out the following for the 10 common resume mistakes to avoid.

The 10 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid like the Plague!

common resume mistakes

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  1. Writing it too long: Don’t try to include everything in your resume, but see to it that you keep it only up to two pages long.
  2. Using an unprofessional email address: This is one of the common resume mistakes to avoid in your application.
  3. Using a photo in your resume:  One of the most common blunders to avoid in your application is to include a headshot of yourself, unless you are applying for acting or modeling job. According to experts, there will be an increased chance of discrimination if you include a photo, so don’t include it.
  4. Not including a link on your profile:  According to experts, one of the trends today is to include your website or blog for your portfolio, especially if you are a service provider (writer…).
  5. Not using keywords: When writing your resume, use relevant job keywords to show your familiarity about the job opening.
  6. Embedding charts, images and tables: These may jumble the appearance of your resume, so avoid them. They can be confusing for applicant tracking systems.
  7. Not aligning online profiles with the resume: You should not forget the fact that employers may also verify your resume through your online profiles, so check them and make sure that they are aligned with your application.
  8. Using the objective and not the career summary: Ditch the objective statement and use the executive summary to highlight your value proposition in the application.
  9. Not addressing potential issues: If the job requires working overseas and you don’t have a VISA, for instance, reveal it with a short blurb at the end of the career summary.
  10. Using footers and headers: Just like graphs, they may be jumbled by applicant tracking systems so avoid them, too.

There you have the10 most common resume mistakes to avoid in your application. Following this resume checklist will help you get rid of issues in your resume and will increase your chances for a job interview.

If you feel there are mistakes you cannot find, try using a free resume critique to save your time.

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