2016 Resume Style: Trends, Formats, Layouts

You might think that, after all this time of writing out your resume more times than you’ve had hot dinners, you would have mastered the resume by now. After all, practice makes perfect, right? Of course! The problem is that the markers that define and denounce your resume as either good or bad are constantly shifting. Just when you’ve mastered the objective statement, hiring managers decide they no longer want you to write one! Meanies! For this reason, it’s important that you keep up to date with all the flurry of changes that taking place with the resume format. So let’s take a look at the resume layout 2016.

2016 Resume Style: Use Bullet Points

You know that really long paragraph that took you a week to write? The one you’re most proud of because it showcases your achievements, experiences and skills? You need to delete it. Sorry!

See, hiring managers nowadays prefer bullet points; they’re shorter, sharper and they helpfully condense oodles of information. For a hiring manager who doesn’t have much time, they’re an absolute godsend. When you need to make a point quickly, and when you need to list achievements, data, experiences and so on – consider using bullet points. Keep them to a minimum, though – no more than 5 for each section. And do still use paragraphs too!

Resume Layout 2016: White Space Is Your Friend

Some job applicants find white space scary. They assume that too many white spaces reflect badly on their skills and their ability to fill out a resume. After all, space suggests that you have nothing to say, right? Wrong.

White space is visually pleasing and it improves the readability of your resume. A hiring manager would much rather be looking at plenty of white spaces in-between short paragraphs, rather than chunky pieces of text that looks unreadable and overwhelming.

2016 Resume Style: Make Sure Your Resume Is Machine-Readable

These days, recruiters dot a few keywords around their job advertisements. These keywords are things you should take notice of because recruiters want you to use some of them in your resume. Of course, you might think you can get away without using them. After all, if the rest of your content is great and amazing, who’s going to miss a few keywords?! The problem is that resumes are put through electronic scanners these days, and these scanners are on the lookout for keywords. If your resume doesn’t contain any, it won’t make it past first base. You can learn even more about resume trends 2016.

Resume Styles 2016: School Is Out Forever

2016 resume styleIf you have college experience, you do not need to include your high school grades on your resume format 2016. Your high school experiences can actually mar your resume and reduce your overall credibility.

Resume Styles 2016: Lose The Objective Statement

The objective statement was all the rage a few years ago, and many of us continue to write on up despite hiring managers asking us to lose them. An objective statement is often too cliched and doesn’t really tell the employer anything. It’s just a waste of space, and using one is simply saying to the hiring manager that you aren’t clued up on the 2016 resume style

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