5 Powerful Resume Tips 2016

The job market in 2016 is going to be more competitive than ever before. More and more people are applying for the same job, and as such the hiring manager has to find increasingly efficient ways of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Unfortunately, the number 1 way in which they decide whether you’re worth an interview or not is by taking a look at your resume.

If your resume is bog-standard and rooted in 2009 conventions, you’ll struggle to bag yourself an interview.

If, however, you’re clued-up on all the latest 2016 resume tips you may very well be on the path to landing your dream job. Let’s take a look.

resume tips 2016

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Resume Tips 2016: Use Colours

Remember a few years back when you could only use black text? It was pretty boring, wasn’t it? Your resume looked more like a legal document than anything else. It was stale, bland and lifeless.

Fortunately, your resume can now come alive if you embrace colour. You can use a different colour other than black to emphasise key points.

Be careful not to go overboard, though, and stick to just two colours.

Resume Tips 2016: Experiment With Font

Remember back in 2010 when everyone wrote using Times New Roman and your resume

looked really stuffy and bland? The great news is that in 2016, hiring managers welcome experimentation with fonts.

You need to remain professional, though, and stick to either Times New Roman, Helvetic,

resume tips for 2016

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Arial or Georgia.

And you absolutely must stick to just one font throughout. Don’t go swapping all the time, otherwise it will look like this.

Resume Tips For 2016: Use Bullet Points

  • Bullet points condense information
  • They’re more readable than a paragraph
  • They save on space
  • They emphasis important data, info and numbers
  • Use them!

Resume Tips For 2016: White Space Is Your Friend

I am a professional, highly motivated individual.

I can work independent or as part of a team.

My solutions to problems have in the past saved a company $4,000,000 so far.

See how clutter-free the above text is? You were happy to read it because it was concise and each sentence was separate by a white space.

Your latest resume format 2016 should follow suit. Hiring mangers no longer want to read chunky paragraphs; they look unreadable and they take up way too much time. Moreover, they indicate that you’re waffling.

2016 Resume Tips: Use Reverse Chronological Order

I started this article with an introduction. Then I listed five key 2016 resume tips. Now I will finish with a conclusion

This is logical thinking, and this is what you need to implement in your resume. It’s no use you  listing your experience as a babysitter when you were 12 first. Who wants to read before your experience as a fully-qualified engineer?

Be logical and list all your recent achievements first. And discard the babysitter think altogether.

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