Best Resume Format 2016

Things are supposed to get easier over time. Or so they say. If this were really true, we would have all perfected the difficult art of writing a resume by now. Unfortunately, we haven’t. Sad face. One of the problems is that the resume format is changing each year. The 2016 resume format is not the same as the 2015 resume format, which presents a problem for anyone who has finally mastered said format! Same concerns cover letter 2016. The great news for you is that we’re going to give you a rundown of all the do’s and don’ts for the best resume format 2016. Because we’re nice like that!

2016 Resume Format Do’s

  • Use Bullet Points Bullet points are a great way of condensing a lot of information. Moreover, bullet points also make your functional resume a lot more readable for the hiring manager. And they would all admit that they would rather see bulleted info rather than rows and rows of meandering text.
  • Use Different Colours If you’re looking to emphasise a certain job, experience or skill, you could use a different colour other than black. It’s mighty important, though, that you stick to just two colours if possible. You definitely don’t want to include all the colours of the rainbow, as this will look messy and unprofessional.
  • Proofread Far too few applicants actually proofread their resume after they have written it. Ecstatic that they have finally finished it, they decide to just send it off without wanting to see it ever again. Understandable. The problem, though, is that you’re resume might be loaded with mistakes and spelling errors. You need to proofread for best resume format 2016, and you need to proofread at least 3 or 4 times.

  • Stick To The Fonts You Know Although hiring managers are now more relaxed about the types of fonts and colours you can use in your resume, they still want you to stick to just a few. So while you can branch out from the traditional Times New Roman, it’s advised that you stick to Helvetica, Georgia or Arial.

Resume 2016 Format Don’ts

  • Don’t Waffle No one likes a waffler, but hiring managers really hate wafflers. People who write too much in their resumes and fail to include only revenant information just make the job ten times harder for a hiring manager who has hundreds of resumes to look through. In fact, if yours is painfully long, they just dump it straight in the “no” pile.
  • Don’t Include Unrelated Hobbies Oh, you like to get drunk every Saturday night, do you? Enjoy playing basketball on a Thursday while going to a burlesque club each Sunday? Hiring managers do not care!
  • Don’t Go Overboard Sure, you may have done some babysitting when you were 14. But there is no need to write 5 paragraphs on it in a bid to oversell it. Keep things short and snappy, and don’t write more than is needed.
  • Don’t Include An Objective Statement For resume 2016 format, the objective statement is out. Once thought of as the cornerstone of every winning resume, its inclusion these days signals the death knell of an application. It’s a waste of space, time and energy.
  • Don’t Write Chunky Paragraphs If you’ve got a paragraph that lasts for over half a page, you need to break it up. Hiring managers want to see resumes that look presentable, as well as readable. Several paragraphs on a single page is much easier to the eye than just 2 or 3.

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