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A job seeker will have a standard resume and cover letter to send out to employers. This is something that is best used for mass mailings and there is a generic tone to both. That is a serious problem when it comes to the dream job. This is a position that either has money, opportunity for advancement, job enrichment potential, or all three. It is going take more than just the usual wording to get this type of position. You will need to customize resume formatting to be successful.

Tailor It to the Job

Customizing resumes start with taking a good solid look at the position. It takes a few minutes to dissect the job description to find out what is extremely important. Many job descriptions are very wordy and cover almost too much territory. Deciphering what are the most important responsibilities will guide in the customizing work.

Revise the Standard Resume

Hopefully, you already have a resume and it shouldn’t be discarded. What is to be done is to take a look at the wording of each job that you have had as to how it relates to the job you want to get. Tune the wording of your various previous positions so that it resembles more of what that dream job wants to have done. Keep in mind, this has to be honest. A recruiter who discovers that the wording is false will not forward your paperwork on to anybody. As long as you can factually show that your former job resembles the one you are applying for, then you are on solid ground. A cover letter that is rewritten to better fit the desired position is definitely going to help.

We Can Be of Service to Customize Your Resume

If you come to us and ask, “Please customize my resume”, we will get right to work on the job. We will work with you to update a resume that targets the open position that you want to fill. We provide suggestions as far as the wording goes, and how to put your best foot forward on paper. Please understand that we are not going to rewrite your job history; just help you make it look more professional. A good solid resume that fills a specific need is going to get a recruiter’s attention. We can help you better write that important marketing tool that will get you to the second interview.

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