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Searching for a job is never easy, and because the competition is getting stiffer, landing your dream job is harder than ever before.

And because the competition is so stiff, your margin for error is greatly reduce. In short, you simply need an unbeatable resume that will stand out from the crowd and bag you an interview.

But because the stakes are so high, many of us are pretty darn terrified of making mistakes. We know that even small errors, such as formatting errors, can cost us an interview and land our resume in the already overcrowded “no” pile.

So if you’re looking for a bit of help to make writing your resume that bit easier, let’s take a look at how you can edit your best resume format 2016 for the best results all the time.

resume format 2016

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Resume Format 2016: Be Chronological

Chronological is logical, and hiring managers like logical thinkers. They don’t like illogical thinkers who think it’s perfectly normal to list their job experiences erratically.

For best results, use a reverse chronological order. List your present job first and work backwards from there.

This makes your resume more presentable and readable, and a hiring manager will certainly be pleased to see your most recent job is at the top of the tree – as opposed to that stint of babysitting you did back in 1994.

New Resume Format 2016: Lose The Objective Summary

Many folk worry about where to put their objective summer. For good 2016 resume formats, do we put it at the top, in the middle or at the end?

Or do we simply close our eyes and stick it anywhere? After all, life is a gamble!

Well, actually, you don’t need to stick it anywhere. Lose it. An objective summary is just fluff. A hiring manager only cares about their objective summary.

new resume format 2016

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New Resume Format 2016: Use MS Word

You might think that because we’re soon to be in 2016 hiring managers have relaxed about what software you should use to format your resume.

After all, they now allow you to use different colours to emphasis certain information, and they even allow for video resumes. The thing is, though, that MS Word is still the way to go when it comes to preparing and writing your resume. Every computer can view an MS Word document. So rather than run the risk of emailing an inaccessible document, play it safe and go with what you know best.

2016 Resume Formats: Lose The Personal Information

Married with three kids? Got a big social circle? Enjoy basketball at night?

Big deal.

Tell it to your buddy, but not to your hiring manager. He wants to know your numbers, stats and percentages; he doesn’t want to know how many kids you look after.

2016 Resume Formats: Education Doesn’t Come First

resume format 2016Remember the good old days when we would put education before work experience on our resumes? Those days are gone. To be aware of what they are waiting from you, have a look at the resume trends 2016.

Nowadays, employers want to see your work experience before anything else. They want to know your skills, your numbers and your accomplishments. It no longer even matters all that much how well you did at math in high school. What matters is the workplace.

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