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If you are looking for help writing a cover letter, Resume Editing Service is here to give you helpful tips in writing an effective cover letter. You can also submit your resume for a free critique. For cover letter help, Resume Editing service has professional resume writers that will be more than happy provide help with cover letter and resumes. Writing the perfect cover letter need not be such a daunting task for you, who are seeking to land that job.

A good and effective cover letter will be your introduction to the employer; this will make them decide whether you are legible for an interview. Your cover letter should answer their question, “Why should we interview you?”

For cover letter help, here are a few reminders Resume Editing Services has put together to help with cover letter dilemma.

  • Parts of your cover letter. Your resume should cover only one page, anything more than that is already an essay. It should consist mainly of three or four paragraphs.
  • Make sure that you use the name of the person that you are addressing the cover letter to. It should be addressed to the Hiring Manager by his/her name.
  • The first paragraph should explain the purpose of your letter. Whether it’s an answer to a job ad or a referral by a colleague or professor.
  • The following paragraphs should explain more about your self, you skills and your technical qualifications for the job.
  • The closing paragraph should contain your eagerness and interest in the job and should ask for an employment interview. It should contain your contact information and when you need to follow up.
  • Always double check your cover letter, make sure there are no spelling and grammatical errors.

If you need help writing cover letter for your resume just go through these pointers to remember, to guide you through writing that compelling cover letter for the job. If you wish to seek cover letter help, at Resume Editing Services, we have professionals to help writing a cover letter for you.

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