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We regularly get a lot of questions about our resume evaluation services. This is a selection of the most frequently asked questions:

I should be getting interviews, but I’m not. Do I need a resume evaluation?
You do, definitely, need a resume evaluation. Your resume isn’t competitive, and that’s the real problem. The usual reason for this situation is that your resume needs serious upgrading. If you’re using an old style resume, or if your resume lacks important information, it won’t get past the application stage.
How can Resume Editing Services help me with a complex executive resume?
Our professional resume reviewer is highly trained and experienced, able to assist with even the most demanding professional resumes. If you’d like some assistance with your resume, we’re happy to help.
Do I need a professionally written resume at entry level?
Yes, you do. At entry level, you are in one of the most competitive parts of the employment market. At this stage of your career, you are very strongly advised to make sure that your resume can compete effectively.
Why do I need a professionally written resume? Can’t I write my resume myself?
One of the critical issues with modern resumes is information quality and content. A professionally written resume is designed to match current employment industry standards, to improve information quality and presentation to make resumes more competitive.
I’m trying to change careers; do I need a resume evaluation?
Absolutely, yes, you do. Your new resume will need to focus on different information content, and you will also need to become familiar with resume quality options for your new career path. We’ll do a resume evaluation to assess the issues, and help you create your new resume right from the beginning.
Do I need different resumes for different jobs?
Yes. There is no such thing as a One Size Fits All resume. Every job has different criteria, and many employers are looking for different skills or a range of skills, like specialist skills. In multitasking jobs, for example, the required skills set may include multiple different skills. Your resume must be written to be a good match for the job criteria.
How does a resume evaluation help me?
A resume evaluation thoroughly checks your resume for information quality, content, format, and presentation values. Expert professional resume writers evaluate your resume to identify weak points. This evaluation is the basis for creating a truly professional, properly presented resume.
Why is resume scanning so important when writing a resume?
Resume scanning is used by employer online Application Tracking Systems to search for important keywords. These keywords related to essential job criteria and skills, and applications are rated according to candidate suitability. Your resume must contain these keywords.
Do you do CV reviews, too?
Yes, we do. Our expert CV reviewer will be able to help you with your CV the same way as a resume evaluation.
Do you have more questions?
For more information about our services, and to speak to one of our friendly experts, you can contact us online or by phone 24/7. Talk to us anytime, we’re happy to assist.

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