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It easy to make mistakes on your resume, but it is hard to repair the damage the time that the hiring manager gets it. If you need to write your resume, you need to know some resume tips and tricks and maybe some resume trends here.

Resume Tricks and Tips

resume tips and tricksGrammatical mistakes and typos: Your resume should be grammatically perfect. If the employer cannot read between the lines, then he will think that you cannot write or you do not care with your mistakes.

resume tips and tricks onlineLack of specifics: Hiring managers need to understand what you have accomplished and done. It is important that you use the correct phrases.

resume tips and tricks listOne size fits all: If you write a one size fits all resume and send it to employer, you do not increase your chance to get an interview. What the hiring managers want is that you should write a resume that is specific. They want you to show clearly why you fit in the job position.

resume tips and tricks helpHighlight duties instead of your accomplishments: It is easy to list your duties of what you have done, but they are not looking for it because they want to read statements that list duties with facts and figures.

resume tips and tricks writingToo long or too short: The fact is that there are no real rules about length of your resume for the reason that employers have different expectations and preferences. With this, it does not mean that you need to write five pages resume long or too short resume. It is better if you write one to two pages resume so that you can give the best information to the employer.

resume tips and tricks serviceBad objective: Employers will read your objective that is why it is better to give specific objective that is focus on their needs.

resume tips and tricks editingNo action verbs: There are phrases and words you need to avoid such as responsible for. It is better if you use action verbs.

resume tips and tricks reviewingLeaving off essential details: Typically, soft skills are worthy to be included in your resume.

resume tips and tricks helpIncorrect contact details: You need to double check your contact information if it is correct or not. There are instances that you typed them wrongly, so you need to do the checking again before submitting your resume.

How to Use Resume Tips

resume tips and tricks onlineFormat your resume: You need to format your resume in a way that it will be read for 25 seconds. You need to use logical format with good margins, clear headings and clean type. It is also better to apply italic and bold typeface in guiding your readers. You also need to use bullet points in highlighting essential points.

resume tips and tricks online helpAccomplishments and not only job descriptions: It is essential that you focus on what you have done in your past job and write it. You should not write what is the difference of your previous job to your present job.

resume tips and tricks online listQuantify accomplishments: You should not use general claims and you should avoid using too much jargons. The resume is your marketing tool to sell your strengths and skills.

resume tips and tricks online serviceCater your resume: Unlike design and advertising professionals who have creative license in designing their resume, you need to know how you limit the designs of your resume. You need to cater your resume in the field or industry you are applying for.

resume tips and tricks online writingReplace objective with career summary: The career summary give brief overview of what you do and who you are. You need to spend time in developing your summary so that it will get the attention of the employer.

Start to write your resume the time you know what to do. Be sure that you include all the details needed and get rid of useless information. A resume review service can help you with that.

Follow these resume tips and tricks today!

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