How to Choose Best Resume Format 2016

Using thebest resume format 2016 for your application matters because the right one works perfectly to demonstrate your experience and familiarity with the industry. By using the right format, you will also be able to emphasize on specific points and aspects of your career. Check out the following for guidance when choosing the correct format for your application and learn which resume mistakes to avoid.

Latest Resume Format 2016

best resume format 2016

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  1. Functional resume is a professional resume format 2016, which can work for you if you are an experienced candidate with skills showing you are familiar in the industry. This does not tackle most on your work experience, but on your work skills. It is ideal for applicants who have shifted industries and those who have gaps in employment. It also works for those who have been terminated at least once in their lives.
  2. Chronological formats are used by applicants who have solid years of work experience. With this format, you can list the jobs you had in the reverse order, meaning you have to start from the most recent to the oldest job experience. It is ideal to applicants who have many years of work experience in the same industry and those who have no plans to changing careers. This also works for applicants who have proven accomplishments in their industries.
  3. Combined or hybrid resume style works for those who want to emphasize both their work experience and their skills. You can do it in either ways. One you can list down every work experience followed by skills in that position, or second, you can have your work experience listed first followed by your job related skills. This latest resume format 2016 is one of the best to use because it presents both your experience on the job as well as your skills acquired from each of it, alongside your most significant accomplishments.

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There you have our quick guide on how to write using the latest resume format 2016. Choose depending on which aspect of your career you want to focus on—work experience, expertise or both. Good luck and start writing your resume today!

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