Latest Resume Trends You Should Follow

It is important to know about resume trends so that you can follow it or know what you need to include in your resume. If you want to have the best for your paper, here is what you need to do to make it stand out.

Top Resume Trends in Resume Writing

resume trendsTailor your content to specific job application: One of the biggest resume mistakes that applicant do in their resume is that they send one resume in all job applications, which is wrong. They need to tailor their resume to the job application they are applying for to increase their chance to get an interview. It is better if they read the job advertisement to know what they need to include in their resume. In writing the resume, you should not make any shortcuts. What you need to do is to meet the needs of the employer by giving the best content based on requirements and qualifications that stated in the job advertisement and not forget to do resume review.

resume trends 2016Sing keywords and buzzwords: One of the resume trends in 2016 is to use keywords and buzzwords that will make your resume stand out. To do this, you need to use specific industry related words showing you have all skills and knowledge about the industry and the job. You need to use keywords that is relate to your skills to show you have the expertise that is needed in the job.

resume trends 2017Latest format: You can choose whether you will use chronological, functional, format or combined format in writing your resume. The chronological format will highlight your work experience that is listed in reverse chronological order. In the functional format, it is based on work skills, knowledge about duties, responsibilities, and familiarity that is needed in the job, while combined format is focus on both aspects of the two listed mentioned formats.

resume trends onlineSkip objective and replace it with career summary: To have the latest resume, you need to get rid of career objective because what you need to write is your career summary. With it, it lists your achievements, key competencies, accomplishments in either paragraph or bullet list form. In writing the career summary, be sure to choose your wordings and ensure that it is industry related. You need to focus only on the benefits and eliminate fluff.

resume trends tipsVideo or infographic resume: Either of the two, it will help you to improve your application. In some cases, you do not need to use it, especially if you are applying for position in healthcare, medicine and others. It is better to use it if you need to construct a resume in entertainment, arts and other related job applications.

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resume trends tricksInclude social profile links: In your social profiles, you need to make sure that it does not contain any useless information or else it will ruin your application. It is important to check if it contains professional headshot or photo and not casual looking or fancy photo.

resume trends onlineNetworking resume: According to professionals, your resume will be computer friendly and eye friendly is you network it. The good thing is that you can use creative formats in order to network your resume effectively.

resume trends 2016APS: You need to know how APS works because it is mostly used by companies today. Be sure that you tailor your resume based on it so that you can show your best. It is essential that your resume will stand out to be chosen.

If you know what to do in writing your resume, you need to start now. Time is gold that is why you need to treasure it and to have more time editing and proofreading your resume before submitting.

Follow the latest resume trends today!

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