List of Funny Resume Mistakes 2016

If you think the job application process is all about seriousness, think again. There could also be some funny resume mistakes that you may want to know so that you can avoid them yourself. Even if the following are unintentional mistakes, they still made negative impacts on the applicants that used them in their application.

Top Resume Mistakes: The Funny Ones

funny resume mistakes

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  1. Directed $30 million anal (*annual) receiving and shipping operations
  2. Demonstrated multi-tasting (*multi-tasking) abilities
  3. Dear madman (madam)
  4. I am worried of using my exiting skills (*editing skills)
  5. I worked as a notary republic (notary public)
  6. I am attacked my resume that you can review. (*attached)
  7. I am seasoned in all faucets of accounting (*facets)
  8. Hoping to hear from you shorty (*shortly)
  9. Speaks well in English and spinach (*Spanish)
  10. I studied in collage (*college)

Extra: Other Top Resume Mistakes

  • One applicant said he was a genius but then invited the hiring manager to come over his apartment for the interview
  • One applicant said that one of his hobbies was phishing
  • One candidate revealed that he was the Homecoming Prom Prince in his resume
  • One applicant mentioned that he’s family was in the mob
  • One applicant stated that he’s eating computers for lunch

There you have the worst common resume mistakes and statements that you might commit in your application, but you can avoid them by following the tips in the next section.

Ways to Avoid Funny Resume Mistakes

Read your paper a couple of times! Most of the mistakes rooted from typo, grammar and spelling errors. If the applicants had spent enough time in proofreading and editing their resumes, they could have avoided the said mistakes.

This is the same reason that you should avoid rushing the writing process. If you would, you might not be able to detect mistakes you commit; thus, you will be ruining your chances to be invited for an interview and worst, you will not be hired for the job for being too careless in the slightest mistakes to avoid in your application.

To do well and have a good resume, avoid these funny resume mistakes by spending enough time in creating your application. Try using a free resume critique online if you you can’t cope on time.

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