List of the Latest Resume Trends 2016

What are the latest resume trends 2016? You might have been thinking on how create an impressive resume that will get you noticed by the employer or the hiring manager. There is no doubt, as there can be many candidates aiming to get the same job. In this case, check out the following resume evaluation guide to know about writing your application for 2016.

Resume Trends 2016 Tips

resume trends 2016

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  1. Create a visually good resume that’s appealing and catchy at the same time. Think of creating some call-out boxes or breakaway text in your CV. Using such breakaway texts and call-out boxes give emphasis to certain sections in your application, making them appear differently than the rest of the text.
  2. Write your value proposition, one of the latest resume trends to follow. What is your that you can offer the company? Rather, what are the benefits of hiring you? Why should they invite you for an interview?
  3. Job boards aren’t the only source of jobs but also your resume. This is one of the trends from resume trends 2016 examples to know. You have to know that utilizing your application and making it standout in applicant tracking systems is one of those you can do for yourself. Use keywords in your resume so that it becomes searchable online and on job boards, too.
  4. Network and start making more connections for more opportunities. You can do this by putting together a quick snapshot of things you can offer or perhaps listing your value proposition, which includes the highlights of your career.
  5. Use graphs and visual elements if possible. By showing your value proposition, you can highlight your best assets to the employer. To make it even better, make use of graphs when possible to highlight statistics and figures you have brought into the company holding the position given to you.
  6. Resume trends 2016 also include videos! This is one that can complete the visual appeal of your application. Create a short video introduction, ideally 30 seconds about yourself and your experiences, showing them if you are cultural and personality fit to their company.

The latest resume trends help you win more exposure, so make use of these elements in your application and increase your chances for an interview today!

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