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A resume review service is an objective, professional evaluation of a resume.  This service is designed to provide positive, useful feedback, evaluating resume and weak points, finding weak points. If that sounds useful to you, it’s also a particularly good idea for most people.

The Trouble with Resumes

resume critique service onlineThe truth is that hardly anybody is a resume expert. Most people are trained how to do a resume, and that’s pretty much all they know about resumes. Many people are often baffled by the fact that their applications are less successful than they expect, particularly when applying for jobs for which they are fully qualified. Other people know only too well that they can lodge literally hundreds of applications without success.

Few people, however, suspect that their resume is letting them down. If you have an older style resume, more than about two years old, it’s out of date. The new resume formats are very functional, and much more appropriate for some types of jobs.

The new resumes are also much more successful. These new resumes are literally designed for computer screening, and they pack in a lot more information than the old-style resumes ever could. The simplest description of these new style resumes is “strong presentation”. They not only look good, they are good and very useful for employers when assessing job candidates.

There’s another problem. The information content in many resumes leaves a lot to be desired. Some resumes are little more than a work history, with no more information than your previous jobs. That really doesn’t tell employers what they need to know.

What Resume Review Services Can Do for You

You can see why resume review services are so useful. That’s where we come into the picture. Our resume review services provide a particularly effective way of managing resume information and content. Resume Editing Services professional reviewers provide what is called a “resume critique service”, which essentially maps out resume issues for individuals.

Our expert resume reviewers evaluate a resume and then create a structured solution. This is a very useful service, helping to disentangle complex resumes, provide better quality information, and manage individual resume issues.

A few examples of our resume review services:

  • At the professional level – Professionals often have a lot of experience, a lot of work history qualifications, and experience. This often huge amount of information needs to be put into good order, and properly structured.
  • At mid-career level – People in the middle of their career, particularly those in process are progressing to the middle and senior levels of their professions, are in a particularly competitive employment environment. A good resume is a must-have career asset, and a resume review service will deliver exactly that, fixing problems and explaining issues.
  • At entry level – If you’re at entry level, you are strongly advised not to underestimate the difficulties of making your first career moves. People at entry level are often frustrated by lack of progress and the extraordinary competition for jobs. Your resume is your major asset, and it’s a very good idea to get professional help to make your resume look absolutely terrific.

So do you need a resume review service? Contact us online or by phone, we’ll be happy to assist.

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