Prominent Resume Formatting Tips

The formatting of your resume is highly important whichever position you are aiming at. The main reason, according to our Resume Editing Service is that your resume needs to make a strong visual impression on the reader in order to bring the desired results. Visiual appeal of your resume may play a crucial role in the effect it has upon your future employers, so don’t spare time on formatting your resume properly, or better leave it to professionals from Resume Editing Service if you have troubles formatting your resume yourself.

Resume Formatting Tips From Our Resume Editors

Resume formatting consists of many elements, such as font size and style, spacing, margings, etc. Our seasoned editors from would like to give you useful tips on some of them.

  • Font size and style. On the whole, it is advisable to use clear and readable font size for your resume, such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. However, if it is a graphic designer or any other creative position you are applying to, there is nothing wrong in getting more extravagant. The font size should be normally 10 or 12 to allow for the proper balance between readability and roominess.
  • Resume margins. The margins of your resume should be about 1 from all sides; however, our resume editors make note that you can make them a bit smaller to have more space for writing. In any case, it is not a good idea to reduce your resume margins to something smaller than ½ because it will make the page look as if overfilled with the information.

  • Text alignment. Normally, resumes are formatted in a way which assembles the most important information at the left side of the paper while leaving all the extras at the right. This complies with the normal way that human read in western culture (from right to left), thus making your resume easy to follow.

Resume Formatting Assistance Is One Click Away

In case you feel the need of resume formatting assistance, contact our expert editors from We work 24/7 to provide you with the most professional help with resume editing and formatting which will bring your resume to a completely new level, leaving all the competitors far behind.

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