Proper Resume Evaluation

As an applicant aspiring to grab the job by standing out from the rest of the applicants, you must be able to do a thorough resume review that will help you in spotting correctness and relevance of your application for the job. Now imagine you are a successful hiring manager, who should comment on your resume. See the following tips on how to do it.

Evaluate My Resume

To find out if your resume is catchy for your eyes, here are the following guidelines or checklist that must be in the application.

Appearance and layout

  • resume evaluationIs it neat and easy to read with the right design elements, including bullets, bolding and lines?
  • Are the headings or subheadings catchy?
  • Does the resume contain no grammar and spelling errors?
  • Is the resume more than two pages?
  • Is the most relevant information for the job found on the first page?
  • If there is at least one phone number listed, is it clear which of those to use to contact the applicant?
  • Is information about knowledge and skills, accomplishments and awards relevant to the application?
  • Is there presentation of degrees, concentration areas, and schools?
  • Are the experiences listed using action phrasing?
  • Does the resume contain matching skills based on the needs of the company?
  • In the resume evaluation, check: Are the skills presented in the language used by the employers, profession, and industry?
  • Is the resume well organized?

Evaluate My Resume: Element Order

  • Does the resume lead with the accomplishments and strengths of the applicant? Are they relevant?


  • Does it convey a positive and strong impression for you?
  • Does it display the applicant’s ability in accomplishing required tasks?

How is it? For sure, you have found out what else is missing in your resume or how else it can be improved.

Get Help from Free Resume Evaluation Service

Above are tips from a good free resume critique service that you can ask help from in completing the task of commenting on your application.

Make sure to create a strong resume that can help you leave a good impression by looking into these things to check!

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