Qualitative Functional Resume Sample

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Functional Resume Sample

The functional resume is something that can effectively boost your chances of getting a job by covering up possible flaws or highlighting your strengths in certain aspects relating to a position, but it can also be a difficult document to write. It is different than a regular resume, and it requires the ability to find the right things about yourself to communicate that are relevant and effective. One of the main problems that people have with the functional resume is simply knowing how to do it and mastering the basics, and that’s where functional resume samples can be valuable. A high quality sample of functional resume is an easy way to learn the basics and see them in action, and we’ve provided one below.

Professional Functional Resume Sample

Writing and Communications abilities: Worked as a staff writer for a local paper and became familiarized with many of the tasks involved, including article writing, op-eds, editing, and journalism. I also learned how to work with a team and develop important skills that have helped me in my capacities as an editor.

Editing and Management abilities: I became an editor for a fairly popular music website, and throughout my tenure there ascertained skills in organizing large amount of material, editing extensive articles and targeting them for specific demographics, and leading a team of writers in their activities and aims.

Journalism abilities: I was assigned as a journalist for a music website to visit concerts, review bands, interview band members and attending fans, and formulate reports and articles about these events and the industry in general.

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The key with the functional resume is to communicate your skills, and your experiences, that have suited you for perfectly for the position you’re applying for. The above example is for an article writer or editor, and as you can see it focuses on these specific skills to try and convince the employer of their ability to do a thorough and high quality job. With a functional resume sample you have an easy opportunity to see the principles of functional resumes in action, and we’ve got a whole range of samples that you can take advantage of and learn from the best!

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