The CV Format 2016

Did you know that the latest CV format 2016 is just as important as your CV’s content? Awesome, well-crafted content is one thing (and it’s a pretty good thing), but if your format is all askew, your resume will still probably end up in the “no” pile. It’s disheartening, right?

The thing is, hiring managers want to see a degree of professionalism in your cover letter 2016. They want to see a well-presented resume that looks readable. They don’t want to spend ages trying to find out how awesome you are because you’ve come up with a CV that lists your name at the bottom … on page twenty.

Good CV Format 2016

The Shorter, The Better The most effective CV is the CV that is short and which gets straight to the point. What you need to do is master the art of being succinct and informative. Nail these two and you’re pretty much golden.

Use Professional Fonts Hiring managers these days are a tiny bit more relaxed when it comes to the fonts you can use. No longer do you need to use Times New Roman – but you do still need to choose a font that looks neat and tidy. We suggest either helvetica, arial, or good old times.

Lead With Your Strengths In the good old days, education always came first on the CV. Even if you’re education was a little average, you still had to put it first so that your awful grade in math was staring the recruiter right in the face. Horrible! Fortunately, for the 2016 CV format, you can lead with your strengths. If your experience is stronger than your education, start with this.

Use Bullet Points Bullet points are much better than chunky paragraphs. They’re more readable, they get straight to the point, and they take up very little space. Which is exactly what you should be aiming for. Start using them to draw attention to key facts, info and data.

Bad CV Templates 2016

Zero White Space Scared of white space? Think too much white space on a resume signals that you actually have nothing to say and have little to no experience? Think again! Hiring managers love gaps. They want your paragraphs to be short and concise. White spaces make your CV look more presentable and easier to digest for the reader. Exploit them.

Including Too Much The 2016 CV format has it that your resume should not be crammed with information. Hiring managers just want the bare essentials: They want the numbers, the data, the experience. They don’t want your life story or that babysitting job you had when you were 12.

Too Many Colours Yup, hiring managers are now allowing us to use colours other than black in our CVs. For example, we can now use red or blue to highlight a particular key skill. The trick is to not go overboard. This is still a CV and not an art project, so limit yourself to just 2 colours.

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