The Latest CV Format 2016

Think you’ve just written the best CV in the the world ever? It’s a great feeling isn’t it? After all, you probably now feel as though this CV pretty much guarantees you a job interview. Life is good! The problem is, though, that even the world’s best ever written CV can be let down by poor presentation and formatting. Sure, your content might be amazing and you might have sold yourself better than the guys who convinced Warren Buffet to invest in their business, but a professionally presented cover letter 2016 catches a hiring manager’s eye just as much as your content. And unfortunately you can’t have one without the other; they both have to be spot on.

Latest CV Format 2016: Keep It Nice And Short

A hiring manager doesn’t want to read a novel, or even a magazine. They don’t have the time, resources or even energy. Instead, they want a CV that is short, sweet, concise, and which gets straight to the point. They want you to inform and impress them in as few words as possible. There is an art to succinctness, so try and master it.

Latest CV Format 2016: Use A Professional Font

Making a cover letter you no longer have to use Times New Roman, but you do still need to use a professional font. We suggest sticking to either TNR, Arial, Helvetica, Calibri or Georgia.

New CV Format 2016: Be Logical

Hiring managers love logical thinkers who present their accomplishments and experiences in a logical order. As well as using a reverse chronological order, you should also use clear section headings, as well as good spacing.

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New CV Format 2016: Use Bullet Points

It’s 2016 now, not 2000. This means chunky paragraphs that go on and on and on as you try to inform the reader that you’re a good salesman are out.

In their place are rapid-fire bullet points that convey lots of data and information quickly and simply.

A good salesman? Then use bullet points to quantify your achievements.

For example, if you helped a business to grow by 28%, say this in a bullet point.

Best CV Format 2016: Embrace Space

Lots of folk get a bit scared of white space. They think it makes their resume look sparse, and makes their achievements look non-existent. White space is good, though. It makes your CV look presentable and readable, and it helps to break up those aforementioned chunky paragraphs that no one wants to see. You need to be concise and trim all fat.

Best CV Format 2016: Don’t Go Overboard

latest cv format 2016You absolutely cannot waffle. Waffling will get your CV dumped in the “no” pile. It’s really off-putting, and a hiring manager does not want to waster their time waiting for you to get to the point. To avoid waffling, make sure that you only include relevant information. Exclude anything that really doesn’t relate to the job you are applying for, as well as anything that doesn’t leap out of the page. Put it this way: If it bores you, it will bore the pants off the reader.

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