Top 10 Resume Mistakes that Should Be Avoided

What are the top 10 resume mistakes to avoid in your application during a resume review? If you want to find out, check out the following tips for your reference.

  1. Grammatical and typo errors: Don’t give the impression that you cannot write or you don’t bother to care.

Incorrect: With over four years of experiences

Correct: With over four years of experience

  1. No specific details: Don’t claim something that you cannot prove.

Incorrect: Increased company sales

Correct: Increased company sales by up to 20 percent in the first 6 months of employment

  1. Generic resume: Do not send the same application across all companies.

Incorrect: Sending the same resume to all companies

Correct: Customizing every resume per application

  1. Listing duties: This is a no-no! Instead, list accomplishments or achievements

Incorrect: Worked with parents and children in the daycare

Correct: Developed and wrote a 100-page English book for children in the daycare

  1. Cutting things short or going on too long

Incorrect: Over two pages of resume; less than a page of resume

Correct: Maximum of two pages of resume

  1. Using a bad objective—with vague pufferies

Incorrect: Looking for a position that will help improve professional growth

Correct: Seeking for a challenging entry-level position to use my knowledge and skills in accounting

  1. Not using action words

Incorrect: Responsible for supervising employees

Correct: Managed 10 employees for a construction project

  1. Skipping important info

Incorrect: not including information about soft skills learned from jobs, you had to take extra money

Correct: Including soft skills, including time management, leadership and work ethic

  1. Too many visuals

Incorrect: Hard on the eyes—revise it!

Correct: Clear and neat presentation

  1. Outdated or wrong contact details

Incorrect: Outdated mobile number or home address

Correct: accurate and updated contact details

Common Resume Mistakes: The Wrong Words

  • top 10 resume mistakesNegotiable salary
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Proactive
  • Team player
  • Detail-oriented
  • Objective
  • Hard working
  • Responsible for
  • Experience working in
  • References upon request

There you have the resume mistakes to avoid at all means during a resume revision, alongside with words that you should get rid of in your application.

Learn more tips about the common resume mistakes for your guidance today!

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