Top 20 Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Sending a resume with numerous resume mistakes is not a good idea because it will lessen your chance to be accepted or to get an interview. As much as possible, you need to get rid of all mistakes so that the employer will be glad to read your paper. Take a look of these resume checklist with mistakes and know how you can avoid it.

Resume Writing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

resume mistakesBad grammar: You should not just rely on spelling or grammar checkers or programs because it is also important to read your own work. If you are not much good at editing or proofreading, then it is better to get English teacher or graduate to help you proofread your resume.

resume mistakes 2016Spelling mistakes: It is better to get someone who will read your work because there are instances that there are mistakes that you do not catch but others do. So don’t forget to do resume evaluation.

resume mistakes 2017Poor formatting: It is always important to keep your format slick and simple all the time. You need to format your resume that is easy to read. You also need to stick with formats like Times New Roman or Arial with a font size of ten to twelve.

resume mistakes tipsResume longer than two pages: Being concise is what you need to do that is why you should not submit a resume longer than two pages. If you are professional with many experiences, accomplishments and achievements, you can do so, but if you are not; then it is better to have at least one page resume.

resume mistakes helpCasual tone: You need to have balance between interesting and unique to stand out.

resume mistakes avoidUse of jargon: The use of clichés, clumsy expression and jargons will ruin your resume and your chance to become one of the best applicants so be sure to avoid using it.

resume mistakes onlineUnusual font size and style: Do not submit a resume that is miserably designed; and it is better to stick with simple fonts and standard font size.

resume mistakes reviewExam grades: You should not list in full your exam grades because it will eat the space of the paper that will limit you to add more details.

resume mistakes helpGeneric interests: You should not list generic interests like reading and cooking.

resume mistakes checklistLack of activities: Be sure that you give enough information about your personal development.

resume mistakes trendsLack of particulars: Be sure to write precise and accurate information of your experience and education.

resume mistakes to avoidOne size fits all: Employers want to read a resume about the job you are applying for. It is better to write a single resume with great details, instead of writing all details that do not have value.

resume mistakes helpHighlight duties: You need to list your duties as well as your responsibilities compared to your undertakings.

resume mistakes free reviewKeep short paragraphs: Using short paragraphs is better compared to long paragraphs because it is not pleasing to the eye and it is not good to read.

resume mistakes reviewUnpleasant aim: Your objective should be specifically mentioned that is focus on the needs of the employer.

resume mistakes listVital details: The soft skills you have reflecting your hard work and willingness to work should be included and not be eliminated.

resume mistakes critiqueIncorrect contact details: Always ensure that you write the correct and right credentials on your resume.

resume mistakes servicesDo not list inappropriate work experience: It is better to list your current position.

resume mistakes writingUnprofessional email address: in applying for the job, you need to create an email address that it professional and not any other email address that shows unprofessionalism.

resume mistakes 2017High-lightening points: Focus on highlights and keep your resume to one to two pages only.

There you have the mistakes you need to know and ways you can avoid them when writing a resume that is interesting and effective.

Avoid these resume mistakes today!

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