Update your resume to the latest resume format 2013

Resumes are very important in landing you the job you’ve been aiming for but it is not as easy as it looks for writing resumes can be a very challenging and frustrating task thus getting a resume editing service is an advantage. Aside from being daunting, new updates adds to the task where you don’t stick to old formats. Well, there’s no need to worry actually because there are online resume editing services and resume formatting service that can help you gain the upper hand.

Why 2013 format is different from 2012?

Since expert resume editor and resume editing services are aware that 2013 resume differs from that of the pasts including 2012 formats in a way that many hiring managers found the latter poor and displayed lack of effort. Usually, old resume formats involved the use of templates and the practice was very common that even some resume editing service and cover letter writing service uses them too. But with the current update, templates are not very safe after all.

Useful Tips for 2013 Resume Format

The following are only few important tips that can help you impress your hiring manager by updating your resume to 2013 format.

  • Resume formatting service might consider DELETING your MIDDLE NAME so that it can give emphasis to your name.

  • Give only one telephone number (a mobile phone is suggested).
  • IF you are considering cover letter writing service and enclosed your updated resume with the cover letter, an OBJECTIVE on the resume must be clearly provided.
  • Use bullet points in the beginning of the action verbs as you list your degree which includes months and years.
  • EMPHASIZE your NAME by making it BOLD and should be in font number 16 while the rest of the text are between 10 and 12.
  • Spell checks everything personally and manually as spell check processors have errors sometimes.

As previously said that updating your resume to the latest format can be a daunting task, you don’t need to stress out yourself in doing so as there are a lot of professional online resume editing services, resume formatting service, and resume editor or cover letter writing service that can assist you. Or you can simple return to your previous resume editing service and have your resume updated.

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