What Kind of Resume Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Learning of the funny resume mistakes to avoid will help you gaining the attention of the employer and increasing your chances to be invited for an interview. Check out the following for top mistakes that you should avoid committing in your application.

Resume Writing Mistakes

  1. Typo and grammar errors are some of the worst mistakes to commit in the CV or resume. You should know that even the slightest of mistakes could ruin the application. Therefore, you should read your application a couple of times before submitting it to the employer or company.
  2. Not writing specifics in the CV or resume can also ruin your chances. If you’re claiming things in your application, make sure to back them up with facts and statistics. For instance, don’t just say that you have improved the company’s sales. How would the hiring manager know if there are no facts stated in the application?resume mistakes to avoid
  3. Using a generic resume is one of the resume mistakes to avoid. Do not be tempted to submit the same resume across job applications. To ensure of your success, you should tailor your CV or resume per company that you are applying to, showing you have researched and get yourself familiar of the company and its requirements.
  4. Another top resume mistakes to avoid is to highlight your job duties and not your accomplishments. If you want your application to work in your favor, you should enlist help you have given with the details that support your claims. Write with the facts and statistics of your accomplishments to make them relevant and valuable.
  5. Writing a too long or a too short resume is one of the resume writing mistakes to avoid if you want to increase your job success. You should keep your application from one to two pages only and never beyond this length. Do not also try to shorten your resume, but make sure it contains all the things you have to include in order that it helps you win the application.

There you have the things to avoid in writing your resume so that you can be on the right track of showing you have what it takes to be successful in the opened position. Learn more resume writing mistakes today! Make use of our free resume critique online to check your application properly!

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