Your Perfect Resume Checklist: Just Follow and Be a Winner

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Employers have limited time to review or read your resume that is why you need to do your best that you present them the best information. Usually, they have 15 seconds to review your paper and within that time, you need to ensure that you get their interest. To do this, reading this resume checklist with resume requirements will help you a lot.

Resume Review Checklist You Need to Know

First impression:

resume checklistIs resume looks original and it is not just based on template?

resume checklistDoes the resume have clear sections as well as white space that it easy to understand and read?

resume checklistIs your resume design looks professional and it is not just a simple typing job?

resume checklistIs your qualification summary is included for the readers to know if you are perfect for the position or not?

resume checklistIs your overall appearance and resume length is appropriate that presents your objective and career level?


resume checklist 2016Did your resume give polished presentation as well as visually pleasing presentation?

resume checklist 2016Is the font you used is appropriate in the industry and in the career level?

resume checklist 2016Are your designs like lines, bolding and bullets guides the readers through the highlight essential content and document?

resume checklist 2016Is your resume has a balance between white space and text?

resume checklist 2016Are your resumes margins of the same sizes on all sides?

resume checklist 2016Is the design elements, such as font size and spacing is being used consistently in your resume?

resume checklist 2016If your resume is longer than a page, does your second page have a heading? Is page break of your resume is formatted correctly?

Resume sections:

resume checklist 2017Are your resume sections are being labeled clearly?

resume checklist 2017Are your sections are being placed in the best that highlights your strongest credentials?

resume checklist 2017Did you write your work experience in a reverse chronological order where you list your most recent job going backward?

Career goal:

resume checklist helpIs your resume career objective is being written at top of your paper in objective, qualifications summary or headline?

resume checklist helpIs your resume is targeted to a certain career goal and you do not try to fit it all in one size document?

resume checklist helpIf your resume is for career change, then is your current objective is being stated clearly together with supporting information that shows your past experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for?


resume checklist onlineIs your resume have solid listing of your accomplishments in your career?

resume checklist onlineAre your accomplishments are quantified by using percentages, numbers, dollar amounts and other concrete measures of your success?

resume checklist onlineDoes your accomplishment statement start with powerful action verbs?

resume checklist onlineAre your accomplishments are separated from your responsibilities?


resume checklist reviewIs your information relevant to the needs of the hiring manager?

resume checklist reviewDoes your resume content support the career goal?

resume checklist reviewIs your resume is rich in keywords, industry acronyms as well as packed with perfect buzzwords?

resume checklist reviewAre additional details, like affiliations and awards included as well as personal details such as age, nationality and marital status are eliminated?

Writing style:

resume checklist tipsDoes your resume is being written in 1st person voice with the use of personal pronouns like I, my and me, avoided?

resume checklist tipsDoes the content flow of your resume is easy to understand and logical?

resume checklist tipsIs your resume is perfect with no spelling, syntax and grammar mistakes?

There you have the checklist for resume that will help you to start writing your resume. With the checklist and free resume review, it will guide you on what you need to write, what you need to include and things that are needed to write a perfect resume that will impress the employer.

If you want to get the job, be sure that you submit a high quality of resume with the use of the checklist!

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