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Your search for a smart resume wizard has come to an end. When you use our free resume wizard you can rest assured that you will only get great outcomes.

The way we work to produce great resumes is outlined below.

  • You begin with filling out the questionnaire that will provide us with relevant information regarding your experiences and also your career goals. The questionnaire is important as we have found that persons who fill out our questionnaires tend to get called for interviews and selected for jobs much faster than persons who bypass this option. This is where you get to actively think about experiences and issues that are ideal for bragging about when you get called for the interview. It serves to strengthen your resume and give some amount of preparation for the job interview. In addition, we will require your current resume in electronic form if you have one. You might also be asked to produce performance reviews as well as postings of jobs that you want to go for.
  • Next our resume wizard free service will schedule you for necessary personal consultation. This is how we will get a clear idea of the best method of selling your skills to potential employers. This consultation will be in the form of a detailed phone interview. Here, your information will be verified and we ensure that we have all we need to put you in the best light.
  • The smart resume wizard will then prepare the first or draft version of your resume in less than 5 business days so you can review it. Rush service is also available if necessary.
  • Our free resume wizard will give clients several revisions. We know that we have adequate knowledge and are competent enough to write and complete a very good resume draft of no more than two, but we will go on making revisions until you feel totally comfortable with the outcome.
  • The last step involves you receiving your well-written resume, just the way you want it.

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