Comparison of Free Resume Creators

Taking a Look at the Top Free Resume Creators on the Market Today

Not all free resume creators are created equal. They all have different pros and cons. While the majority of them will get the job done it’s much easier to use some. Others might have options that a person really needs in order to make sure that they can get their resume set up exactly the way that they want it. It’s useful to have a look at a number of them before making the decision of which one to use.

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The PC Man

The PCMan Website Resume CreatorThose who take a look at the will probably be presented with a dizzying array of options. The job and career resources section has a number of different things for interested parties to try out. The resumes maker section can write, print, post, and edit resume text. The PC Man site can also make a cover letter to match the resume.

There are some nice extras, like the ability to create resume networking cards. These mini-resumes are becoming very popular with job hunters. Naturally, it’s easy to get carried away with that kind of thing though. Perhaps the most important part of the site involves the references page creator. This is something that some people forget about and later have to do, so it’s nice to be able to actually automate the process. The post interview thank you creator was a nice touch as well.

There are a number of different templates available. The one that our sample resume used was no-nonsense and very professional looking. It included a summary section for comments. Even though the final look was plain, it still looked rather nice. Resume BuilderThose who go to the resume builder at will be essentially going to the granddaddy of them all. This site is loaded with features. Those who are used to the PC Man site will certainly be in for a shock, considering that the resume builder is a great deal more modern as far as design is concerned. Those who are used to more modern software will love this fact, and it certainly helps it in the ease of navigation department.

Some people would criticize this, however, and suggest that the resume builder is bloated and loaded with eye candy. It’s the sort of call that people have to make for themselves. For what it’s worth, the sample that our crew created wasn’t necessarily flashy. It looked pretty professional actually.

Interestingly the summary section was at the top, and it was located before the objectives section. Those applying for less formal or more academic positions might like this type of arrangement. There are a variety of typefaces available, but it’s actually best not to go crazy with this sort of thing.

The Resumizer

Resumizer Resume MakerThe Resumizer at has a catchy name, but the site is troubled by pop up advertising windows. There are several layout styles to choose from. The user can set all accent colors, typefaces and text colors. Those who are going to actually print out their resume should make sure to think twice before setting too many color options, however.

Resumizer offers some preview options, which are nice. The site allows users to load their resume back into the system, and it can then be updated and edited all they wish. That’s a really nice feature. Some sites require users to save the resume to the site, and this can be a bit troublesome. It’s better to do things this way instead.

Our sample came out typeset really nicely. The typeface was large and legible. It wasn’t what you’d normally expect from a typeface either. On the other hand, the spacing was a bit off compared to other layouts. If someone wanted to dedicate more time and effort to set it up he or she could probably get something that looked marvelous by comparison.

Do You Buzz

DoYouBuzz Resume CreatorThe Do You Buzz site at allows people to create elegant resumes according to the marketing copy there. This site is clearly geared towards an entirely different type of job hunter. It allows users to import data from Facebook and link with different things. It’s a resume creator for those who like social networking.

Those with established social networking sites can create a resume nearly instantly, though they’ll want to edit the final product to make sure that there are no mistakes. On the other hand, this isn’t the best choice for those who are going to enter the data all by hand. We found that it’s fast when working via imports though.

The final product we got looked extremely professional and appeared like it was typeset by a print shop. It had dividing lines that gave it an extremely modern feel, and it would look right at home being distributed as an email attachment. Even if it were printed in black ink it would still look quite nice. The little envelope graphic next to our email address was a nice touch.

The CV Maker

CVMaker Resume BuilderThe CV Maker, which compresses its name to, has some excellent layouts. They’re quite professional, and something of a typesetter’s dream. There’s an old saying that the best way to design is with text, and that’s certainly what happened with these layouts. Ironically, though, they’ve given them perfumed names like Executive, Finesse, and Metro.

The piece we created as a sample came off looking like something that might have been printed in a book. It was very legible and looked a little more old school than some of the other designs. Perhaps the best way to phrase this would be to say that the layout was retro. It did not look like something that came off a desktop publishing system, which was a nice change of pace.

The system itself took a little bit of getting used to. We found that it was pretty easy to copy and paste over material from existing resume data. That made writing the page a lot easier. You could always use your own word processing software that way, and more than likely you’d be encouraged to do so.

Online Resume Generator and Free CV Builder

OnlineCV Resume MakerThe builder at might look nice, but it has a few problems that prevent it from getting a perfect score. Some of the text on the site is mangled, and this might make it a little difficult for new users to navigate. Since it runs as some class of browser application, it takes a few moments to load. Our test computer loaded it fast enough, but it might be hard for slower connections.

The big benefit is that it’s geared towards educational users. Those without academic job prospects won’t care for it, but the sample CV we created was really neat looking. There’s not too much variety, but it’s perfect for those who want to apply for an academic position more than anything else. Notably, our test copy ran down the edge with a bullet point of sorts and a piece of information.

Even if it’s not the most usable software, the Online Resume Generator is perfect for academic users who have strict requirements in regards to the way that they file their CV sheets.

Live Career Resume Builder

LiveCareer Resume CreatorThe Resume Builder at boasts that it’s the number one resume tool in the United States. Whether or not this is true is not important. What is true is that several different groups accredit the organization, which helps users to feel safe about their data on it.

There’s something else that really made this builder shine that’s not directly related to the interface. The site offers live support and advice, which is far different from some of the more barebones ones. Those who actually want to have someone walk them through the process should definitely use this site. Those who want something a lot more quickly will want to pass on this one.

The resume writing tips are also nice. They can help those who are going to upload a resume and then choose one of the existing one-click designs to give their resume a very professional look. Even if it’s a little lax when it comes to the variety of templates, the site is easy to navigate and that makes it rather attractive for newer users.


Resunate Resume CreatorPeople who go to will find something much more than merely a resume builder. The web-based software builds a resume and automatically evaluates it. It has a number of templates that are matched to individual jobs. While the evaluation worked well, we found that it was nice just to choose by ourselves.

Interestingly the software goes into some esoteric areas like offering a psychological evaluation for how suited one might be to a job. This can be included in the application as well. While some of this might seem gimmicky, the actual design that came out of Resunate was smart and professional.

Technically it didn’t look particularly different from anything else, but it still had the business appearance that we have come to know and love from our automatic resume options. As a result, it came off as neat and clean. Some of the typesettings looked a little dark, but this is only a concern if your resume is going to be transmitted by email or fax. It would probably look really nice if it were to be provided to a prospective employer in print.

Job Spice

JobSpice Resume BuilderThe ease of use and ease of navigation is the real plus for those who go to home, and users can even import their LinkedIn profile if they so choose. Those that have a profile set up can create something in seconds. It usually imports all of the data correctly, which saves a lot of trouble in the end.

As a result, this site has been featured in numerous business publications and the site even boasts this media coverage. The one big problem is that Job Spice prompts users to sign up and create an account. There’s a link that allows users to bypass this process and use the tools without signing up, but it’s somewhat hidden.

The template that came out was professional but quite basic. It really isn’t anything that couldn’t have been created on any other desktop publishing venue, so some users might be a little disappointed in that respect. The real benefit here is how fast LinkedIn users can fire off resume sheets. It’s easy to use, but there’s not much in the looks department.

How to Write a Resume

HowToWriteAResume Resume CreatorThe URL of would suggest that this is primarily a tips site, but it actually has a resume builder complete with a cover letter maker and a find a job section. There are plenty of different templates to choose from. Instead of focusing on different appearances for the templates, this site focused on what template is best for what type of job.

Unlike a lot of the other sites, it uses a click-to-edit phrase technique. Individual words can be added into existing sentences, which speeds up the process. Users can rewrite any of the sample text, though it actually seems that they’re welcome to keep it. The final product we made looked pretty nice.

There’s one thing that makes the site more difficult to use, however. It requires users to sign in. Those who are very concerned about privacy are probably not going to want to sign up for the site. That makes it take a huge hit when it comes to ranking just how usable the site is. The templates, however, are among the finest.

The Resume Generator

ResumeGenerator Resume MakerBy pointing your browser to you can make a resume really fast. Though the landing page might make it look bloated, the site is actually really simple. It works on a form system that’s rather similar to the one used by the simplest of sites. The resume is stored on the site and can be shared. Twitter and Facebook users might like this, and those with security concerns may not.

There really isn’t much when it comes to a variety of templates, but a certified resume writer created the template that is offered. This means that it follows a format that’s accepted by a majority of employers. That can be a good bet for those who aren’t sure just what their employers are looking for. Going this route is better than trying to appropriate a style that they’re not really familiar with at all.

Those who want to share their work all over the place will certainly want to give this site a try. It’s definitely geared towards those who are interested in that side of the job search. Social networking gurus often recommend it.

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