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Searching for a job is never easy, and because the competition is getting stiffer, landing your dream job is harder than ever before. And because the competition is so stiff, your margin for error is greatly reduced. In short, you simply need an unbeatable resume that will stand out from the crowd and bag you an interview. But because the stakes are so high, many of us are pretty darn terrified of making mistakes. We know that even small errors, such as formatting errors, can cost us an interview and land our resume in the already overcrowded “no” pile. So if you’re looking for a bit of help to make writing your resume that bit easier, let’s take a look at how you can edit your best resume format 2018 for the best results all the time.

New Resume Format 2018: What Your Resume Should Have To Shine above the Rest

Chronological is logical, and hiring managers like logical thinkers. They don’t like illogical thinkers who think it’s perfectly normal to list their job experiences erratically. For best results, use a reverse chronological order. List your present job first and work backwards from there. This makes your resume more presentable and readable, and a hiring manager will certainly be pleased to see your most recent job is at the top of the tree – as opposed to that stint of babysitting you did back in 1994.

Many folks worry about where to put their objective summer. For good 2018 resume formats, do we put it at the top, in the middle or at the end? Or do we simply close our eyes and stick it anywhere? After all, life is a gamble! Well, actually, you don’t need to stick it anywhere. Lose it. An objective summary is just fluff. A hiring manager only cares about their objective summary.

Use MS word

You might think that because we’re soon to be in 2018 hiring managers have relaxed about what software you should use to format your resume. After all, they now allow you to use different colours to emphasize certain information, and they even allow for video resumes. The thing is, though, that MS Word is still the way to go when it comes to preparing and writing your resume.

Every computer can view an MS Word document. So rather than run the risk of emailing an inaccessible document, play it safe and go with what you know best. Married with three kids? Got a big social circle? Enjoy basketball at night? Big deal. Tell it to your buddy, but not to your hiring manager. He wants to know your numbers, stats, and percentages; he doesn’t want to know how many kids you look after.

Education doesn’t come first

Remember the good old days when we would put education before work experience on our resumes? Those days are gone. To be aware of what they are waiting from you, have a look at the resume trends 2018. Nowadays, employers want to see your work experience before anything else. They want to know your skills, your numbers, and your accomplishments. It no longer even matters all that much how well you did at math in high school. What matters is the workplace. Receive professional help in editing your resume in 2018 – ask Resume Editing Service to update your resume in the latest 2018 format.
Resume Format 2018

Resume Tips 2018: Use Colours

Remember a few years back when you could only use black text? It was pretty boring, wasn’t it? Your resume looked more like a legal document than anything else. It was stale, bland and lifeless. Fortunately, your resume can now come alive if you embrace colour. You can use a different colour other than black to emphasize key points.

Be careful not to go overboard, though, and stick to just two colours. Just like resume writing, cover letters also need to impress the readers and unfortunately, many have failed to do that. It has been said that rejection due to unimpressive cover letters reached up to 80%. However, you don’t need to worry because you have the choice not to be included in that 80%, all you have to do is to simply find a professional cover letter writing service as they can surely help you impress your potential boss.

Experiment with font

Remember back in 2010 when everyone wrote using Times New Roman and your resume looked really stuffy and bland? The great news is that in 2018, hiring managers welcome experimentation with fonts. You need to remain professional, though, and stick to either Times New Roman, Helvetic, Arial or Georgia. And you absolutely must stick to just one font throughout. Don’t go swapping all the time, otherwise, it will look like this.

Use Bullet Points

Do you know that really long paragraph that took you a week to write? The one you’re most proud of because it showcases your achievements, experiences, and skills? You need to delete it. Sorry! See, hiring managers nowadays prefer bullet points; they’re shorter, sharper and they helpfully condense oodles of information.

For a hiring manager who doesn’t have much time, they’re an absolute godsend. When you need to make a point quickly, and when you need to list achievements, data, experiences and so on – consider using bullet points. Keep them to a minimum, though – no more than 5 for each section. And do still use paragraphs too!

  • Bullet points condense information
  • They’re more readable than a paragraph
  • They save on space
  • They emphasize important data, info, and numbers
  • Use them!

White space is your friend

I am a professional, highly motivated individual. I can work independent or as part of a team. My solutions to problems have in the past saved a company $4,000,000 so far.

See how clutter-free the above text is? You were happy to read it because it was concise and each sentence was separated by a white space. Your should follow suit. Hiring managers no longer want to read chunky paragraphs; they look unreadable and they take up way too much time. Moreover, they indicate that you’re waffling.

Use Reverse Chronological Order

I started this article with an introduction. Then I listed five key 2018 resume tips. Now I will finish with a conclusion

This is logical thinking, and this is what you need to implement in your resume. It’s no use you listing your experience as a babysitter when you were 12 first. Who wants to read before your experience as a fully-qualified engineer? Be logical and list all your recent achievements first. And discard the babysitter think altogether. Ask our resume critique service for more tips if needed!

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Resume Trends 2018 Tips

  • Create a visually good resume that’s appealing and catchy at the same time. Think of creating some call-out boxes or breakaway text in your CV. Using such breakaway texts and call-out boxes give emphasis to certain sections in your application, making them appear differently than the rest of the text.
  • Write your value proposition, one of the latest resume trends to follow. What is your that you can offer the company? Rather, what are the benefits of hiring you? Why should they invite you for an interview?
  • Job boards aren’t the only source of jobs but also your resume. This is one of the trends from resume trends 2018 examples to know. You have to know that utilizing your application and making it standout in applicant tracking systems is one of those you can do for yourself. Use keywords in your resume so that it becomes searchable online and on job boards, too.
  • Network and start making more connections for more opportunities. You can do this by putting together a quick snapshot of things you can offer or perhaps listing your value proposition, which includes the highlights of your career.
  • Use graphs and visual elements if possible. By showing your value proposition, you can highlight your best assets to the employer. To make it even better, make use of graphs when possible to highlight statistics and figures you have brought into the company holding the position given to you.
  • Resume trends 2018 also include videos! This is one that can complete the visual appeal of your application. Create a short video introduction, ideally 30 seconds about yourself and your experiences, showing them if you are cultural and personality fit to their company.

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The Importance of Resume Editing 2018

Writing or just editing a resume can be very frustrating especially that the market is getting more competitive in the coming year. In 2018’s harsh economic climate, hiring departments are swamped with resumes from highly qualified candidates. Job-seekers need to use every tool at their disposal to stand out from the crowd. How can you rise to the top of the pile and secure an interview? One of the most important parts of any application is the resume.

A resume should represent an applicant’s best work, and a poorly formatted resume can sink an application even before the employer looks at the content. Resume editing 2018 is more important than ever, but sometimes it isn’t enough. However, there are a lot of resume editing services that can assist you in editing yours according to 2018 format, layouts, and trends.

Getting a help from online resume formatting services can help you in so many ways and it more advisable if you want your resume to adhere to the latest trends. Here are some reasons why getting assistance from expert resume editing services and cover letter writing service:

Editing a resume by yourself can lead to several errors

Several errors can be made if you choose to make your own and rely on free online templates as some hiring managers consider it as displaying lack of effort. Whereas, if you get help from a resume editor, you can ensure that your resume is edited according to the trend.

It costs a lot of time

Time is of essence but you tend to consume a lot of it if you prefer to edit your own resume for 2018 because you need to think hard how to impress employers. Well, if you directly get resume editing service, your updated and edited resume will just be delivered to you in a matter of hours or a day and since they are experts, you can ensure that your resume will stand out.

Your templates and style might be outdated

As said 2018 is a competitive market, you should ensure that your resume is a competitive one. However, it is unfortunate that making your own resume using outdated templates can lead to incompetence but with a resume formatting service, you can ensure an updated and competent resume.

The 15 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid like the Plague

Getting rid of common resume mistakes will help improve your resume and increase your chances for an interview invitation. Check out the following for the 15 common resume mistakes to avoid.

  • Writing it too long. Don’t try to include everything on your resume, but see to it that you keep it only up to two pages long.
  • Using an unprofessional email address. This is one of the common resume mistakes to avoid in your application.
  • Using a photo on your resume.  One of the most common blunders to avoid in your application is to include a headshot of yourself unless you are applying for acting or modelling job. According to experts, there will be an increased chance of discrimination if you include a photo, so don’t include it.
  • Not including a link on your profile. According to experts, one of the trends today is to include your website or blog for your portfolio, especially if you are a service provider (writer…).
  • Not using keywords. When writing your resume, use relevant job keywords to show your familiarity with the job opening.
  • Embedding charts, images, and tables. These may jumble the appearance of your resume, so avoid them. They can be confusing for applicant tracking systems.
  • Not aligning online profiles with the resume. You should not forget the fact that employers may also verify your resume through your online profiles, so check them and make sure that they are aligned with your application.
  • Using the objective and not the career summary. Ditch the objective statement and use the executive summary to highlight your value proposition in the application.
  • Not addressing potential issues. If the job requires working overseas and you don’t have a VISA, for instance, reveal it with a short blurb at the end of the career summary.
  • Using footers and headers. Just like graphs, they may be jumbled by applicant tracking systems so, avoid them, too.
  • Typo and grammar errors are some of the worst mistakes to commit in the CV or resume. You should know that even the slightest of mistakes could ruin the application. Therefore, you should read your application a couple of times before submitting it to the employer or company.
  • Not writing specifics in the CV or resume can also ruin your chances. If you’re claiming things in your application, make sure to back them up with facts and statistics. For instance, don’t just say that you have improved the company’s sales. How would the hiring manager know if there are no facts stated in the application?
  • Using a generic resume is one of the resume mistakes to avoid. Do not be tempted to submit the same resume across job applications. To ensure your success, you should tailor your CV or resume per company that you are applying to, showing you have researched and get yourself familiar with the company and its requirements.
  • Another top resume mistakes to avoid is to highlight your job duties and not your accomplishments. If you want your application to work in your favour, you should enlist the help you have given with the details that support your claims. Write with the facts and statistics of your accomplishments to make them relevant and valuable.
  • Writing too long or a too short resume is one of the resume writing mistakes to avoid if you want to increase your job success. You should keep your application from one to two pages only and never beyond this length. Do not also try to shorten your resume, but make sure it contains all the things you have to include in order that it helps you win the application.

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Top Resume Mistakes: The Funny Ones

If you think the job application process is all about seriousness, think again. There could also be some funny resume mistakes that you may want to know so that you can avoid them yourself. Even if the following are unintentional mistakes, they still made negative impacts on the applicants that used them in their application.

  • Directed $30 million anal (*annual) receiving and shipping operations
  • Demonstrated multi-tasting (*multi-tasking) abilities
  • Dear madman (madam)
  • I am worried about using my exiting skills (*editing skills)
  • I worked as a notary republic (notary public)
  • I am attacked my resume that you can review. (*attached)
  • I am seasoned in all faucets of accounting (*facets)
  • Hoping to hear from you shorty (*shortly)
  • Speaks well in English and spinach (*Spanish)
  • I studied in collage (*college)

Extra: other top resume mistakes

  • One applicant said he was a genius but then invited the hiring manager to come to his apartment for the interview
  • One applicant said that one of his hobbies was phishing
  • One candidate revealed that he was the Homecoming Prom Prince on his resume
  • One applicant mentioned that his family was in the mob
  • One applicant stated that he’s eating computers for lunch

Latest Resume Format 2018

Whether you’re updating your old resume for the resume format 2018 or writing a new resume 2018, Resume Editing Service can help. Nothing breathes new life into an old resume like a fresh new format; we can provide latest resume format 2018, putting you a step ahead of the competition. Formatting is even more important if you’re writing a new resume—we can show you different ways of presenting your experience to employers that will make your resume format 2018 the strongest one yet. But even the clearest, most professional formatting can still be ruined by a simple spelling or grammar mistake.

A functional resume

A functional resume is a professional resume format 2018, which can work for you if you are an experienced candidate with skills showing you are familiar with the industry. This does not tackle most of your work experience but on your work skills. It is ideal for applicants who have shifted industries and those who have gaps in employment. It also works for those who have been terminated at least once in their lives.

Chronological format

They are used by applicants who have solid years of work experience. With this format, you can list the jobs you had in the reverse order, meaning you have to start from the most recent to the oldest job experience. It is ideal for applicants who have many years of work experience in the same industry and those who have no plans to changing careers. This also works for applicants who have proven accomplishments in their industries.

Combined or hybrid resume

Combined or hybrid resume style works for those who want to emphasize both their work experience and their skills. You can do it in either way. One you can list down every work experience followed by skills in that position, or second, you can have your work experience listed first followed by your job-related skills. This latest resume format 2018 is one of the best to use because it presents both your experience on the job as well as your skills acquired from each of it, alongside your most significant accomplishments.

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Resume Checklist

Are you looking for a good resume checklist? If so, you have come to the right post, which is going to show you exactly the things to include and check on your application to ensure it is strong and engaging. Check out the following.

  • Check if your email address is professional. Don’t submit a resume, which has an email that sounds funny. Also, make sure that it is a current and used domain like GMAIL.
  • Is your resume aligned with your LinkedIn profile? Don’t write a resume that is much in contrast to your profile online. To ensure its success, make sure that both your resume and your online profile are in line and in harmony with each other. Also, see to it that your resume includes links to your social profiles and personal websites. If you have a blog, then include it. However, see to it that your social profiles are professional in terms of content and photos. Don’t let unprofessional social profiles ruin your application.
  • Customize the addressee of your resume. One of the most important elements in this resume checklist to remember. Research and find out who to address the resume to so that it lands on the right desk or email address.
  • If you’re sending your resume through Google Docs. Ensure that you have granted access to the person who is supposed to read your application.
  • Another part of this checklist for a resume is to ensure that your application is well written and it has all the needed sections, including headline for your name, mailing address, email address and contact number.
  • Speak the language of the company you are sending your resume to. Therefore, you may want to go over the posting and see the requirements of the employer. Don’t submit it unless it is tailored to the requirements stated in the posting. On this note, you should make sure that you use keywords in your resume. These are words they used in the advertisement. Use them and increase your chances for an interview.
  • Finally, proofread and edit your resume.

There you have the complete checklist for a resume that you have to know when writing your application. Follow them and increase your chances of being interviewed today, ensure that the resume editing services you hire presents your objective as up to date!

Resume Editing 2018 Includes:

  • Emphasis on your most important achievements;
  • Strengthening of your objective statement;
  • Underlining your best professional skills;
  • Correct wording and establish keyword-rich content;
  • Correction of all grammar and spelling mistakes;
  • Absolutely new eye-catching format;
  • Legible content and clean layout.

Before-After Resume Sample

Resume Editing Service Sample Before-After

Only Certified Professional Resume Writers

Our Certified Professional Resume Writers are dedicated professionals who produce resumes of the highest quality. All CPRWs have earned a certification from the Professional Association of Resume Writers in a four-part, peer-reviewed testing process and are experts in resume writing 2018. Our CPRWs have dealt with countless applicants from all professions and career areas and have the skills to portray your experience in the most positive way possible.

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