How to Critique a Resume Properly

Do you want to know of effective ways on how to critique and edit your resume? Then, you have found the right post to help you with that, as we’re discussing the proper checklist to use when reviewing a resume in order that you keep the employer reading on after the crucial 15 seconds.

Resume Critique Checklist

The basics

  • Does it look original and not copied from a template?
  • Is the resume inviting with clear sections and has enough space?
  • Is the design professional?
  • Is there a qualification summary to check on the value of the applicant right away?
  • Is the overall appearance and length correct?


  • Does it have a visual appeal and polished presentation?
  • Is the font used correctly for the industry and level?
  • Are there design elements, including bolding, lines and bullets?
  • Is balance in white space and text achieved?
  • Are there proper margins on all sides?

Resume Critique: Sections

  • how to critique a resumeAre the sections labeled clearly?
  • Are the sections in order, demonstrating credentials?
  • Is the work history listed in reverse chronological order?

Objectives and Goals

  • Is there a career objective at the top of the application, including in the headline, qualifications summary, and objective?
  • Is the resume clear of goals?
  • Is the resume targeted on the specific application?
  • If the application is for a career change, does its objective states clearly how past experiences are relevant to the new application?

Critique My Resume: Accomplishments

  • Does it list solid accomplishments?
  • Are the accomplishments supported with proof or numbers? (statistics, amounts and other concrete metrics)


  • Is the application suitable for the current career goal?
  • Is it packed with correct keywords and buzzwords to display knowledge and skills?

Writing Style

  • Is the writing presentation logical and clear?
  • Does it contain grammar and spelling errors?
  • Is the language used appropriate and easy to understand?

There you have the basics of a critique my resume checklist to consider when review resume or application for its suitability for the job.

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