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Why Do You Need to Have a Personal Portfolio Website?

Your resume is not the only thing that you could have to impress the recruiter. According to an article in Business Insider, a whopping 61% of people put their job offer down to a personal website, blog or other online presence. So creating a good looking personal portfolio website to show off your achievements can really help you to make a good impression.

With many positions that are advertised having potentially hundreds of applicants you really do need to find a way to make your application stand out. This can be achieved not only through a well-written resume but also through having a professional personal website through which you can showcase what you are capable of.

Your personal website offers career marketing opportunities that you just cannot achieve through just your resume or by your profile in places such as LinkedIn. But knowing how to create a personal website that is going to aid your job search is not a skill that everyone possesses. This is why you may want to seek out professional support with your website. Observe also our resume editing service and discover the benefits you can get by using it.

The Benefits of Having a Personal Website for Your Career

Being different is very important if you want to stand our when hunting for a job. Not everyone will take the time to invest in their own website and this provides you with a real opportunity as the majority of recruiters will take the time to look at any potential new employee’s online presence. A good website offers you a host of benefits:

  • Gives you an opportunity to really stand out from the crowd
  • Allows you to showcase your best achievements
  • Provide unique information that you may not be able to share elsewhere
  • Makes you much easier to find online
  • Gives you the chance to show something of your personality through individual expression
  • Promotes social networking
  • Demonstrates clearly your skills
  • Helps you to be available to recruiters at all times
  • Makes an excellent first impression

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What Should Your Personal Website Design Cover?

Creating an effective personal website that is going to help your job search is not simple, especially if you have never created a website before. Thankfully there are many different platforms online through which you can create personal website pages effectively and quickly. You will also be able to find many different themes for your site to control how it will look.

Deciding what to cover however is not always easy and will, of course, depend on a lot on what industry you are working. Typically, however, a website resume will cover the following areas:

  • Your Introduction; this should provide your basic details such as your name and provide a clear and professional photograph of who you are.sample personal portfolio website
  • A professional Bio; a well-written biography is an ideal way to provide any reader with a summary of who you are and what you are capable of.
  • Your Resume; don’t just upload your current resume, take the time to ensure that you provide the information in an attention-grabbing manner. It should cover:
  • Work history; showing your most recent appointment and going back
  • Education
  • Skills and training
  • Work samples; no matter what industry you are working in, being able to provide clear examples of what you can achieve is a great way to give potential employers an idea of what you are capable of.
  • Gallery; pictures and graphics are a far more effective way of making an impact although it may depend on your area of work as to whether a gallery is appropriate for your website
  • Testimonials; having other people promote you is an excellent way of gaining the trust of the recruiters.
  • Recognition and awards; showcase what you have been given through your excellence.
  • Videos and other media; there is no need to just restrict yourself to the written word. Many people today would rather take a look at a video.
  • Links to all of your social networks
  • A personal blog; while this can be hard work it is often well worthwhile to create and maintain a blog if you want to establish yourself well within your industry.
  • Contact Information; most importantly you must make it easy for potential employers to contact you quickly from anywhere within your site.

Nick Macario, talking about how today’s generation is finding work in the UK, mentioned: “Employers are researching potential candidates online and want to look deeper than someone’s work experience,” he says. “They want to get to know candidates and not only make sure they take pride in their craft but also want to see if it’s a cultural fit, which is equally as important in many cases.”

So it is very important that your personal website truly reflects who you are and what you can achieve.

Create Personal Website Success through Us

We have the skills and the experience required to help you to present yourself effectively through a perfectly crafted personal portfolio website. Our staff are higher degree qualified and have the recruitment experience required to fully understand what your site will need to show. Through us you will be able to present recruiters with a unique and error free site that will be optimized to improve your visibility across the web.

Our professional designers will be able to provide you with a website containing 5 well-designed pages as part of our standard offering. They work with you to ensure that the content will reflect you perfectly and will make unlimited revisions until you are totally happy with the end results. And also don’t miss your chance to have your resume edited with the help of our service!

Our services are some of the most affordable that you will find online and come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee.

If you want to give your job search a boost just contact our professional services for help creating an effective and affordable personal portfolio website that you can be proud of.

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