The Best Pointers for Resume Checklist 2016

How do you write a good resume that makes a positive impression? When writing one, there are important sections and details that you have to include in order to ensure that you are submitting a complete one. Check out the following for pointers we have prepared for you.

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Section 1

  • First and last name
  • Street, City, State, Zip
  • Phone
  • Email (Use a professional email address because an unprofessional one causes 76 percent of rejections)

Section 2

Work Experience, including the list the companies. Remember, you should list them down in chronological order, meaning the most recent goes first and so on. Also, make sure to list responsibilities and achievements.

Section 3

Education, with the list of the colleges: Focus on your post-secondary education and mention specific honors and awards

Section 4

Skill, with your related positions that are industry-specific and consistent with objective.

Many of the recruiters are not looking for ‘passion.’

Formatting tips

  • Write in only one to two pages
  • Use 10-12 font sizes
  • Text must be in black
  • There should be one inch margins
  • There should be bullet points

*Because of wrong formatting, 60 percent of applications are ignored.

Correct Punctuation and Grammar

  • Use action words.
  • Be consistent.
  • Apply proper capitalization.
  • Give overall attention to details.

* 43 percent of rejections are due to wrong spelling.

There you have the pointers to remember when writing a resume for 2016. And you can have best resume format 2016 among other. Follow them and get your dream job!

Writing an impressive resume is one of your weapons to succeed in the application. Spend enough time in writing, reading and editing your paper. Remember, most employers reject applicants that send a poorly written and erroneous application.

Don’t fail to spend enough time in conceptualizing your resume and use resume critique service targeting it for the specific job you are applying for. Read and understand the job posting so that you’ll know the employer’s requirements and that you can include all the important points mentioned in the advertisement.

Writing your resume with accuracy, completeness and conciseness helps you land your dream position or company. Make sure that you follow all these tips, proofread your resume and ensure it contains all the things we’ve included here.

You can follow our checklist when crafting your resume RN.

Follow tips from resume checklist 2016 and you can have success immediately!

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