Resume Update Checklist: Make Your Resume Shine

Individuals usually have to update resume pages on the fly, since they’re just using the same sheets that they had used when applying for their last job. Now at times it’s better to forgo this entirely and write a new one totally.

On the other hand, there’s usually plenty of good stuff in the existing one, and following a simple checklist should be more than enough to ensure that everything is right. An additional handful of checks are necessary if one is switching between forms. For instance, if a chronological resume format became a functional one its best to look it over more than once in order to spruce it up.

Do Some Research Prior to Updating a Resume

Resume UpdateBefore actually going ahead with a resume update, its best to actually do some research about the company that’s being applied to. This might sound a little obtuse, especially if it’s a well-known firm or a public agency, but it’s still best to learn some more about how they do business. Knowledge in these cases is power, so it’s always best to initially learn about how things are done before putting fingers down on the keyboard. By making sure everything is understood the first time it can save some corrections later.

Resume Update in a Great Presentation

Most people who look over candidates to hire actually only examine resume sheets for around 15 seconds at first. If they like what they see they’ll read the whole thing. If they don’t then they’ll just set the sheet aside.

That’s why prospective employees and applicants need to keep presentation in mind when they’re working on updating resume forms. Those who want to know how to update your resume forms should try keeping this mini presentation update checklist in mind:

  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors since these will really stick out like a sore thumb on any sheet – especially those that only get looked at for a few moments
  • Use consistent capitalization and punctuation, since any deviations from this will really cause problems for the reader and draw their attention to the wrong details
  • Offer the reader plenty of white space in order to differentiate various parts of the resume from one another
  • Never use more than two different typefaces. One could be for headings and the other for lining text. That being said, it might even be more appropriate to have it all set in a single typeface.
  • Include a name, address, phone number and email contact. When updating older resume pages, make sure to correct for any changes in these.
Resume Update

Resume Update: Before – After

Mark Accomplishments Instead of Duties

Update ResumeAny decent resume update service representative will insist that accomplishments should be stressed over duties. Routine duties are expected of employees, so stressing them may make it sound as though one did nothing but the bare minimum that was expected of them. Showcasing knowledge or some sort of technical skill may be useful, especially depending on the specific type of job that’s being applied for.

Looking at an updated resume accomplishment checklist may help. Did an applicant:

  • Save the company money? If the company has been saved money it may be best to actually state the amount saved.
  • Help to improve the company’s sales?
  • Increase the productivity or efficiency of a business venture?
  • Launch a new product or service?
  • Achieve more with fewer resources?
  • Solve a huge problem without really investing much?

What Not to Write About in Your New Resume

Resume Update ServiceThere are a few things that an update resume process should completely weed out of a sheet. Make sure you do not include them in your new shiny resume and do resume update correctly. Once again, using a checklist will really help to make this a great deal easier:

  • Never include words like “responsibilities included” or “duties were” since it ends up making it look like the person writing the resume was just desperate to find something to fill up space with
  • Don’t include photographs, unless the job includes modeling or acting in some capacity
  • Don’t include things like ethnicity or marital status, since these can have a resume rejected on the grounds of avoiding a hiring bias
  • Don’t use words like I or Me, since resume writing should instead focus on telegraphing ideas to the reader
  • Don’t attach letters of recommendation or certificates when these aren’t necessary, but make sure to do so correctly if they were asked for
  • Don’t add explanations for employment gaps or for leaving previous positions, since these can very easily be misinterpreted as nothing more than excuses

What Verbs to Include in Your Resume Update

When learning how to update your resume, it’s important to remember to use verbs that indicate a sense of action. These avoid making a resume unnecessarily stale. Additionally they help to reinforce the idea that someone put a great deal of work into their writing. As a result some people might end up sticking around to read the resume. This is important considering that many reviewers are unable to devote a sufficient amount of time in order to read every release that comes by their desk. Some of the best action-oriented verbs to include in a resume are:Resume Update Checklist

  • Supported
  • Reported
  • Organized
  • Described
  • Led
  • Planned
  • Communicated
  • Sold
  • Developed
  • Edited
  • Initiated
  • Created

Getting a Quality Update Done

Sometimes it takes more to finish a resume update then what an individual person could do on their own. Updating resume pages takes certain flair, and that’s why professional writers are always standing by to ensure that people are able to get the kind of material that they need to succeed in their chosen field. By working with our impressive resume update service, it shouldn’t be hard to get the sort of quality updated pages that can mean getting that new job for real in the future. Get a professional resume editing help from our writers right now. Merely using the form on the front of our site is enough to get the balling rolling for sure.

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